Early Career Researcher

  Copyright: Anja Wassong

The RWTH Aachen University is committed to a “People Policy” that prioritizes equal opportunities as part of an innovative, lively university culture. The University strives to become a “Place to Be”, attracting and retaining talented and diverse researchers, students and employees, allowing them to reach their full potential regardless of gender, living conditions or socio-cultural background. The implementation of gender equality and diversity policies is a strategic and cross-sectional task as well as an essential guiding principle for the University’s objectives and actions. Socially responsible research and innovation is regarded closely connected to equity and diversity.
The CoE is closely committed to the University’s strategy and reflects the context between diversity and innovation.

  Copyright: Manuel Gomez-Dardenne

To contribute to future global challenges, RWTH Aachen University strives to attract open-minded individuals and a diversified research community. In this context, the CoE will actively integrate early career researchers into all research processes and create a framework that allows them to implement new topics, dynamics, and give them space for creativity. Investing in the education of early career researchers and their research work is key to a lasting development of the Internet of Production. Our support program for early career researchers is tailored to distinct career levels: Master Students, Doctoral Researchers and Postdoctoral Researchers.

Support of Master Students

Identification and support of high-potential, early career researchers start at the level of master students. The specific measures for Master students are integrated into our approach for “Research-Oriented Teaching” described in detail in Section 5.3. The measures will strengthen the profile of the Research School and help attract excellent external students.

Support of Doctoral Researchers

Future-oriented scientific research for our CoE requires a framework that allows an interdisciplinary exchange and dissolves disciplinary boundaries. In particular, we will strengthen the collaboration between engineering and computer sciences in the frame of production technology.

Support of Postdoctoral Researchers

Within our CoE, the integrated Research School provides a structured doctoral program, a framework for interdisciplinary exchange, an innovation lab offering research funds and choices for personal development.

All doctoral researchers and postdoctoral researchers – as well as excellent master students – from the CoE will have access to the offers. Within the current CoE and other initiatives such as the DFG Research Training Group on “Ramp-up Management”, structured programs and specific measures have been successfully developed, enhanced by new or further developed measures.