IoP Research Program


Modern production is characterized by vast amounts of data. However, this data is neither easily accessible, interpretable, nor connected to gain knowledge. With the Internet of Production (IoP) we have the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration...

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Principal Investigators


For the realization of the IoP, Aachen’s highly renown researchers in production engineering, computer science, materials engineering and further necessary disciplines team-up to solve interdisciplinary challenges...

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Research Partners

Interdisciplinarity at it's best: Overview of the participating institutions and research institutes wihtin the Cluster of Excellence.

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In addition to our own Coe-publications, which can be purchased from bookshops, you can find an extensive list of scientific publications within the Central University Library RWTH Aachen.

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Project Sponsor DFG

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Funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

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