"5 to 12" RWTH Science Night 2019

  Science Night Copyright: © Anja Wassong

In autumn 2019, hundreds of visitors once again celebrated this year's "RWTH Science Night 5vor12" along with employees and students at the auditorium centre C.A.R.L. On November 8, 2019, the IoP presented itself with a small insight into the research world of the Cluster of Excellence. Using a demonstrator, cluster scientist Daniel Lütticke and colleagues were able to present cluster research topics such as cloud solutions for Smart Industrial Data, artificial intelligence and real-time capability using the example of live data from a 3D printer.

  Copyright: © Anja Wassong

For the first time this year, the IoP also took part in the Children's Rally, where the participants received one of the popular stamps on their rally map after having solved the IoP’s knowledge question. The Science Night ended with a big bang when the professors launched the famous Night of Professors by taking over the turntables.