Cluster Researcher at 29th FAIM Conference in Limerick

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In June 2019 Cluster Researcher Christian Scheiderer of the Cybernetics Lab IMA & IfU at RWTH took part in this year’s 29th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM) in Limerick, Ireland. The conference, taking place on June 24 to 28, focuses on modern solutions for various engineering based topics and unites researchers as well as users with the help of a broad spectre of topics. This year’s conference topic was „Beyond Industry 4.0: Industrial Advances, Engineering Education and Intelligent Manufacturing“ and took on topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the production of personalized products as well as collaborative robotics by means of plenary sessions and keynote speeches.

Scheiderer’s own work, in the form of a paper co-authored with a BA student, focussed on the real time control of robots through artificial intelligence: “Because of it’s information technology origins the KI is often based on discrete time intervals. However, this discretization can lead to stagnant movements in many use cases. We chose an asynchronic stance in order to proactively choose trajectories and creat soft transitions between singular movements. This method allows for complex and continuous movements.”, he states.

The researcher praises the small conference especially in regard to its almost familiar atmosphere as it makes networking and collaboration one of the outstanding benefits.