The CoE at the IMTS 2016 in Chicago


This year the CoE was present at North America's leading manufacturing technology exhibition IMTS in Chicago for the first time. As part of the conference program on September 12-17, 2016, CoE managing director Dr. Denis Özdemir was invited as an expert. On the occasion of the "German Pavilion" he presented the Excellence Initiative and the pioneering role of Aachen in the area of production technology in the field of "Industrial Networking". His talk on the topic: "Data to Knowledge or Lost in Data - An Integrative Perspective on Industrie 4.0" was well received by numerous international visitors and offered plenty of opportunity for exchange and discussion. The Aachen campus concept, which he explained briefly, was also met with keen interest.
In case of research in the field of the fourth Industrial (r)evolution under the heading “Industrie 4.0”, the United States and Germany are with their similar initiatives on a par. In the US around 8% of the working population work in the manufacturing industry. In 2000, there were still 13%. Thus, the United States have lost 5 million jobs in this area. In Germany on the other hand, approximately 17% of the working population is still working in the manufacturing industry. To counter this trend, the US have set the goal of strengthening the manufacturing industry and therefore also rely increasingly on cooperation with Germany – as well as vice versa. In his lecture Özdemir presented the Aachen view on the subject of "Industrie 4.0". Pure "Data Analytics" provide no general solution, but always have to be connected with detailed production knowledge.