The CoE at the Information Day for Pupils 2016

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Also in 2016, hundreds of pupils aged between 14 to 16 years from all types of schools visited the Kármán-Auditorium of RWTH Aachen University on September 22, 2016, to get an overview of possible subjects and future professional fields. Last year the RWTH Aachen already extended the study information day with the day of career exploration to facilitate the choice of a future career on the basis of concrete examples. How does one train to become a mechanical engineer, mathematician or a literary scientist? And above all: Which professions can I choose from within a certain course of study? Whether engineering, natural sciences or humanities, in all areas a wide range of possibilities were presented by the individual institutes and faculties. Again, the CoE participated to showcase the wide variety of interdisciplinary CoE-research in the field of production technology and the specialization in the field of mechanical engineering. Also, it has been a concern to arouse curiosity about the different disciplines which research together in different areas.
The CoE-student assistants Lara, Angela and Daniel were also there and talked about studying at RWTH Aachen, what one should know as a student and of course, how to become a student assistant at the Cluster of Excellence.



More information about the CoE is available within the scope of RWTH Science Night "5 to 12"

On Friday, November 11, 2016, the Cluster of Excellence presents itself as part of the RWTH Excellence Initiative at the annual RWTH Science Night "5 to 12". The idea is to present science in an unusual form at an unusual time, which is a great opportunity for further orientation.