Cluster Production Technology’s Success Story – Head of CDU-NRW Armin Laschet Presents Streetscooter Model to Angela Merkel

  Screenshot Copyright: © Screenshot CDU TV

Armin Laschet, head of the CDU in NRW, presented the development of the “Streetscooter” at the CDU party conference in Essen on December 6, 2016. The project, originating from Laschet’s hometown Aachen, is a highlight of the Cluster of Excellence Production Technology which by now has been outsourced as a company belonging to Deutsche Post AG. In the framework of the conference, Laschet presented Chancellor Merkel with a 3D model of the Streetscooter in a Deutsche Post edition design. Merkel had already examined the first prototype of the Streetscooter project at the IAA 2011. The rapid success story of electromobility made in Aachen will continue with another affordable electric car, the e.GO Life designed by e.GO Mobile AG, in 2017.

Laschet’s contribution on the Streetscooter success story starts at 6:38