Best Paper Award for Xifang Liao

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Cluster researcher Xifang Liao from the Surface Engineering Institute (IOT) was honored with the Best Paper Award in the context of the ITSC 2016 which took place in Shanghai, China from 10th until 12th May 2016.

His contribution “Investigation of influencing factors on the transplantation of wire arc sprayed ZN coatings for the metallization of plastic parts" was honored. In his contribution content of the partial project “Integrating Electrical Functionalities in Plastics Parts” of the Cluster of Excellence was examined in the research area Integrated Technologies. As part of the here developed IMMS-procedure (In-Mold-Metal-Spraying) for the manufacturing of plastic-metal-hybrid a much shorter process chain in comparison to popular procedures was enabled. This highly integrated process implements a manufacture of plastic-metal-hybrids in very short cycle times and is also close-to-production.