"5 to 12" RWTH Science Night 2018


"5 to 12" RWTH Science Night 2018

Science Night Copyright: © Anja Wassong

On November 9th, 2018, the CoE presented itself and its research projects at the "5 to 12" RWTH Science Night in the auditorium center C.A.R.L. This year the IMA institute fascinated the visitors with the “CENSE-demonstrator”, a robot, controlled by itself which plays the well-known game “the hot wire” – with the help of Artificial Intelligence. For the small visitors there was of course their own “hot wire” to prove skill and dexterity in order to provide an entertainment contribution to the Science Night in addition to the scientific topics.

  Science Night Copyright: © Anja Wassong Also for small visitors could try the "hot-wire"

In addition to the exhibition of the numerous institutes and projects, the science slam, lectures on many exiting topics of natural science and humanities, Institute tours and the laser show were the absolute highlights of the evening which was once again, in the new lecture building C.A.R.L, a very entertaining event. Of course, the subsequent „Night of the Professors“ which entails Professors as DJs who deliver an outstanding performance to the avid partygoers, could not be missed and brought this year’s Science Night to an excellent end.