Fusing Industry 4.0 and Optics at CLEO-PR 2022


This year's 15th Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO-PR) was hosted in hybrid format in Sapporo, Japan, and co-located with the thematically close conferences ISOM'22 and ODF' 22. From June 31 to August 5, researchers from the wide-ranging optics research field gathered in Sapporo, Hokkaido Province, or in front of their home computers to discuss their projects and ideas. Marcel Prochnau from the Chair of Optical Systems Technology, was represented by several colleagues and addressed cluster topics in his presentation "Concept for Enabling Industry 4.0 in the Context of Design and Assembly of Optical Systems." His research deals with development of rapid prototypes in the field of optics as well as networking, data collection, storage and evaluation in the context of the "digital twin." In his presentation, Prochnau addressed the question of how Industry 4.0 can enter the field of optics and how optical systems can be developed faster through automated optical design, networked assembly and a digital optical twin. He gives a positive assessment of attending the conference:

Japanese Architechture Copyright: © M. Prochnau

"It was great to get back on site and interact with other scientists in person. There were many interesting and educational talks on topics from the world of optics in large and modern venues. Japan as a country was also a great way to get a taste of another culture and gain new impressions, and of course to try delicious food."