EurOMA2022 Berlin: Current Trends in Supply Chain Management


Alexander Schollemann, research associate at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), was able to contribute his research in supply chain management at this year's EurOMA in Berlin. This 29th iteration of the annual conference, organized by the European Operations Management Association, took place from July 1 to July 6 and provided a platform for interational researchers to exchange scientific ideas. Schollemann presented with his paper "Framework for the Strategic Design of Sustainable Production Networks" current cluster research, matching the conference focus on current trends like resilience, digitalization or sustainability. Regarding his research topics and current trends in the production sector, Schollemann explains:

  Presentation Copyright: © A. Schollemann

"In the context of the strategy of global production networks, economic target figures are currently in the foreground. Due to the steadily increasing relevance of sustainability influences on globally operating companies, it is also necessary to consider the ecological and social sustainability dimensions in the strategic orientation of global production networks. This is what the submitted paper refers to. In the context of my collaboration in workstream D.I, the focus is on the investigation of the impact of production processes in global production networks on people, and thus considers aspects of social sustainability. Through a close exchange with workstream B.3.I on the extension of the best practice sharing app in global production networks, the strategy and design of global production networks is successively extended to include sustainability dimensions."