Science Communications

  Copyright: © Manuel Gomez Dardenne  

The area of ​​science communication builds on the successful formats that were established in the previous Cluster and are tailored to the various target groups. This includes CoE books, academic and popular science publications, the bilingual website, and social media activities and tools (e.g. short explanatory films). In addition, the so-called "IoP portal" supports internal communication and coordination as a central communication and knowledge platform within the IoP. The portal was also developed in the previous Cluster and is continuously expanded and adapted with CoE-specific functions and automated workflows. One example being the portals use as a filespace for project content, to promote collaboration between researchers or its employment of a newsletter to provide general information to all employees. The portal always allows integration of additional workflows for knowledge and data management and, in accordance with the overall structure of the IoP, pursues an agile approach with regard to science communication.