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The practiced interdisciplinary cooperation is a core element and - as experience from the previous cluster has shown - also a guarantee of success for the efficiency and innovative strength within the Cluster of Excellence.

All work groups (Workstreams WS) consist of researchers with an interdisciplinary scientific background, some workstreams partly consist of more than ten different partner institutes from different areas. Each main research area (Cluster Research Domain - CRD) is represented by a coordinator and his deputy, who are responsible for setting up regular meetings and monitoring the CRD milestone plan. Within the CRDs, the concrete use cases serve as an interdisciplinary, practice-oriented collaboration basis. Some researchers also consciously participate in CRDs that go beyond their subject-specific expertise in order to benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration and open up new research boundaries.

The dynamics of CoE research is also controlled by the initiation of temporary new working groups. The main goal of these working groups is to meet the challenge of the cluster as a new form of long-term, high-risk research project.