Technology Transfer


The IoP represents a broad approach and definition of transfer as a continuous and mutual exchange of ideas, knowledge, new ideas and technologies as well as people not only within RWTH, but also externally - with partner organizations, the interested public, but of course also in dialogue with the Industry.

The IoP is supported by the
Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) to provide continuous, external, application-oriented, practical and especially practical quality of the cluster.

With the regional technology transfer point
PROTECA , the IoP also creates the opportunity to network and transfer university-based, application-oriented research in the field of production technology with (EU-regional) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Strategic partnerships and networking with other universities and non-university research institutions strengthen the international reputation of IoP research in many relevant research areas.

In addition to cooperations with other non-university research institutions such as the Aachen Fraunhofer Institutes, the RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH offers an excellent breeding ground for partnerships with industry.