Virtuelle Produktionssysteme

Schulz, Wolfgang (Corresponding author); Bischof, Christian (Corresponding author); Bobzin, Kirsten (Corresponding author); Brecher, Christian (Corresponding author); Gries, Thomas (Corresponding author); Jeschke, Sabina (Corresponding author); Kampker, Achim (Corresponding author); Klocke, Fritz (Corresponding author); Kuhlen, Torsten (Corresponding author); Schuh, Günther (Corresponding author); Apel, Markus (Corresponding author); Arping, Tim Wilhelm (Corresponding author); Bagcivan, Nazlim (Corresponding author); Bambach, Markus (Corresponding author); Baranowski, Thomas (Corresponding author); Bäumler, Stephan (Corresponding author); Beer, Thomas (Corresponding author); Benke, Stefan (Corresponding author); Bergs, Thomas (Corresponding author); Burggräf, Peter (Corresponding author); Cabral, Gustavo Francisco (Corresponding author); Eppelt, Urs (Corresponding author); Fayek, Patrick (Corresponding author); Fey, Marcel (Corresponding author); Franzkoch, Bastian (Corresponding author); Freyberger, Stephan (Corresponding author); Glasmacher, Lothar (Corresponding author); Heesel, Barbara (Corresponding author); Henke, Thomas (Corresponding author); Herfs, Werner (Corresponding author); Jansen, Ulrich (Corresponding author); Kashko, Tatyana (Corresponding author); Konovalov, Sergey (Corresponding author); Kuckhoff, Britta (Corresponding author); Laschet, Gottfried (Corresponding author); Linke, Markus (Corresponding author); Lohse, Wolfram (Corresponding author); Meisen, Tobias (Corresponding author); Minoufekr, Meysam (Corresponding author); Nöcker, Jan Christoph (Corresponding author); Prahl, Ulrich (Corresponding author); Quade, Hendrik (Corresponding author); Rasim, Matthias (Corresponding author); Rauhut, Marcus (Corresponding author); Reinhard, Rudolf (Corresponding author); Rosenbaum, Jan (Corresponding author); Rossiter, Eduardo (Corresponding author); Schilberg, Daniel (Corresponding author); Schmitz, Georg J. (Corresponding author); Triebs, Johannes (Corresponding author); Wegner, Hagen (Corresponding author); Wesch-Potente, Cathrin (Corresponding author)

1. [Aufl.]. - Berlin ; Heidelberg [u.a.] : Springer Verlag (2011)
Contribution to a book

In: Integrative Produktionstechnik für Hochlohnländer / herausgegeben von Christian Brecher
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 257-464


  • Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology [053200]
  • ACCESS e.V. [054300]
  • JARA - HPC [080012]
  • Integrative ProductionTechnology for High-Wage Countries [080025]
  • Department of Computer Science [120000]
  • Virtual Reality Group [124170]
  • Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University [417200]
  • Chair of Production Engineering [417210]
  • Chair of Machine Tools [417310]
  • Chair of Manufacturing Technology [417410]
  • Welding and Joining Institute [417610]
  • Chair of Textile Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Institut für Textiltechnik [419110]
  • Junior Professorship of Interoperability of Simulations [420830]
  • Division of Materials Science and Engineering [520000]
  • Chair of Materials Engineering of Metals and Department of Ferrous Metallurgy [522110]
  • Chair and Institute of Metal Forming [523410]
  • Chair for Foundry Science and Foundry Institute [526110]