Novel developments in the joining of plastics and metal using thermal joining processes

Reisgen, Uwe; Wagner, Nikolaus

Bad Nauheim (2008)
Contribution to a conference proceedings

In: 11th German and 8th European Automotive Conference : Joining in Automotive Engineering ; Europe s largest three-day in-depth joining conference ; Modul II: Mechanical, thermal and hybrid joining processes for car body, chassis and powertrain = 11. Deutsche und 8. Europäische Automobilkonferenz : Fügen im Automobilbau ; Europas größte Drei-Tages-FÜGEN-INTENSIV-KONFERENZ ; Modul II: Mechanische, thermische und Hybridfügeverfahren für Karosserie, Fahrwerk und Antriebstrang ; proceedings ; 23./24./25. April 2008 Bad Nauheim/ Frankfurt
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 77-101


  • Welding and Joining Institute [417610]
  • Integrative ProductionTechnology for High-Wage Countries [080025]