Virtual Production Systems


The research area Virtual Production Systems improved and connected virtual models on all levels of the production system and along the value chain starting with the setup of comprehensive and consistent models. These could be tailored for specific applications. The aim was to radically shorten the product development process for gaining productivity growth already in the development phase of production technology. The focus was on the support, the development and the optimization of a production system, as well as on the decision capability of the planner. The virtual try-out of numerous alternatives improved understanding of the behavior of production systems and its elements, and identifies key levers. Compared to testing in reality, cost and time advantages could be achieved by virtual simulations. Today’s computing power and new methods of data management open up new possibilities to process and visualize data at high speed. The main focus of vertical integration was on data mining, processing and visualization of information on all levels of the production system, from logistics on the factory level to the behavior of the work piece in the manufacturing process, e.g. laser cutting.

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The key term Virtual Production Intelligence describes the application-specific visualization and decision-making support of the planner. The horizontal integration on the other side places the emphasis on consistent simulations along the value chain. Here the behavior throughout the product life cycle is simulated and forecasted beginning with the molding of the material through forming and cutting to the finishing and use of the product. All models are merged on a standardized, modularly extensible platform ‘Integrative Computational Materials and Production Engineering” (ICMPE). In this way all influences of the material structure on further processes can be taken into consideration in corresponding models. Furthermore, the standardization of the simulation interfaces is pushed forward at the global level.


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