Workstreams CRD-A

  Workstreams CRD-A Copyright: © IoP
  • WS-A.I: “Physical Infrastructure Supporting Digital Shadows” supports the distributed multi-agent model executions and dataflows with high performance, reliability, safety, and security in distributed communication networks.
  • In WS-A.II the “Conceptual Foundations of Digital Shadows” are examined. The IoP must consistently manage the Digital Shadow infrastructure as a knowledge graph of heterogeneous data stores and agents, offer formal mappings between them and generate code for efficient data integration and exchange.
  • In WS-A.III “Functional Perspective”, the IoP is regarded as a network of production-specific “data to knowledge pipelines”, which demand novel combinations of data-driven learning algorithms and physical or simulation models to transform massive data amounts via a Digital Shadow to instances of formal models, and turn these into actions that, together with context changes, create new data.

Our research results will be empirically tested and demonstrated through a series of related, increasingly complex and wide-area demonstrator environments.