Workstreams CRD-B1

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  • In WS-B1.I "Integrated Computational Materials Engineering", highly accurate, computationally-intense physics-based models with full spatial resolution are complemented by fast, robust, data-driven models, including quantified error estimates to generate Digital Material Shadows that are fit for application in real-time processes and able to describe material behavior with reasonable accuracy. The Digital Material Shadow will enable using accurate and fast material models in dynamic production scenarios with enhanced process control. Those production scenarios will serve as a validation tool for the developed methodology (Use Case B1.1). The generation of Digital Shadows will be carried out in cooperation with WS-A.II with respect to interoperability of data, software tools and their joint integration into workflows and simulation scenarios. Different scales of production scenarios will be analyzed in cooperation with CRD-B2 and CRD-C.
  • The Digital Component Shadow is the focus of WS-B1.II "Integrated Structural Health Engineering". Changes in operational usage environments lead to changes in long-term usage and fatigue behavior of components. Material degradation and component performance are specific to each production process. To predict structural health, a defect-based modeling approach for the evolution of defects along the entire lifecycle has to be employed in addition to microstructure models. The Digital Component Shadow enables defect engineering production approaches improving the lifetime expectancy and performance of components. Performance benchmarks in production will be adapted and long-term service behavior of components can be integrated as a key feature into material and production design (Use Case B1.2). The Digital Component Shadow will be introduced into production scenarios in cooperation with CRD-B2 and CRD-C. The Use Cases B1.1 and B1.2 will analyze the same exemplary production scenarios while focusing on the individual research questions.