Workstreams CRD-B2

  Workstreams CRD-B2 Copyright: © IoP
  • WS-B2.I “Connected Job Shop” seeks to build machine systems that critically assess streaming data to get a picture of its reality for a target-oriented interaction with it.
  • WS-B2.II “Discontinuous Production” investigates how discontinuous production processes can benefit from model driven approaches.
  • WS-B2.III “Continuous Production” examines the most economical real-time adaptation strategy for property fluctuations or process disruptions using data based models to improve quality and thus yield in continuous production processes.
  • WS-B2.IV "Future Assembly" addresses how efficient decision making and modular field

    level control for the Future Assembly can be carried out.

To verify the developed methods and approaches, a wide range of process technologies are available in each Work Stream. As soon as influences and interdependencies of processes on all infrastructural levels are known, different processes can be combined to process chains.