Workstreams CRD-B2

  Workstreams CRD-B2 Copyright: IoP
  • In WS-B2.I “Production Data Aggregation and Sensors”, the basics for data aggregation, preanalysis and fusion within the different fields of production for further data-driven research will be developed based on engineering knowledge.
  • WS-B2.II “Data-based Model Reduction and Composition” examines systematic methods for model reduction and composition and the integration of data from production and other domains.
  • WS-B2.III “Autonomous Systems and Decision Support” enables the context-driven use of assistance systems in production in terms of autonomous actions or decision support.
  • WS-B2.IV "Future Assembly". The rising product variability as well as process-induced disturbances may lead to a decreased resilience regarding stability or product quality. The IoP aims to ensure resilient andadaptive processes by aggregating data from multiple data sources and providing solutions in a cross-site network.

To verify the developed methods and approaches, a wide range of process technologies are available in each Work Stream. As soon as influences and interdependencies of processes on all infrastructural levels are known, different processes can be combined to process chains.