Structure of the Research Program - Cluster Research Domains (CRDs)

  © Dr. Martin Riedel

The Internet of Production strives for the integration of the major domains of a producing compa-ny along the lifecycle of a product (production, development and usage). This integration, enabled by the Infrastructure of the Internet of Production, results in a new level and understanding of cross-domain collaboration due to real-time availability of semantically adequate and contextual data from these domains.

Extending the methods of agile development (e.g., SCRUM), this new level of cross-domain collaboration will allow a significant increase in productivity. The availability of data enables con-tinuous and integrated development of specifications, processing of domain-specific tasks and cross-domain validation results.

This development is anticipated by referring to required domains with the analogy of a cycle: Development Cycle, Production Cycle and User Cycle. These cycles, as well as the IoP Infrastruc-ture as digital enabler, led to the choice of the Cluster Research Domains (CRDs). The research program is structured along the domains of development, production and usage. According to the vision of data-driven cross-domain collaboration within the Internet of Production, the Cluster Research Domains (CRD) “IoP Infrastructure”, “Materials”, “Production Technology”, “Production Management”, “Agile Product Development” and Integrated Usage” are defined.