Summer School: Production Technology meets Industry 4.0

  Summer School

The anual "Production Technology meets Industrie 4.0" Summer School (3 weeks in summer) provides students with an overview of RWTH Aachen’s research concerning Industry 4.0.

Headed by the Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production of RWTH, actual research topics ranging from automation to information technology, materials science, production technology, smart decision support as well as smart factory are explored, enabling students to acquire a better understanding of the potentials and risks of Industry 4.0. Practical examples are presented in case studies and use cases from different fields of production technology.

The lectures and exercises of the Summer School are conducted by the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" and numerous institutes of RWTH Aachen University. Supporting institutes include the WZL, Cybernetics Lab, IBF, IKV, DAP/Fraunhofer ILT, IGMR, IAW, IEHK and ITA, making this one of the most interdisciplinary and diverse Summer School.

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