Research-Oriented Teaching

  Education Copyright: © Manuel Gomez Dardenne  

What profile do future engineers need to have in order to meet the challenges of the future in a solution-oriented and responsible manner, and how must teaching be oriented in order to grow with the world that is increasingly characterized by digitalization and internationalization?

The reality of research in the engineering sciences is changing rapidly at the pace of new technical knowledge, increasing networking and internationalisation, new forms of digitalisation and new challenges not only in the area of changing demands on mechanical engineering, but also in terms of aspects such as human-machine interaction, technological ethics and climate change.

The fields of mechanical engineering are beginning to cross traditional boundaries and thus require increasing flexibility, a mindset geared towards problem-solving and adapted skills in order to meet the new challenges.
The RWTH and the IoP promote the cross-domain, practice-oriented cooperation of computer science and engineering and the transfer of knowledge from cluster research into teaching. Through various offers and cooperations, the cluster supports the university in teaching key skills to young and future engineers and captures research-oriented teaching as an incubator for future researchers and technology-based entrepreneurial talent. The offers support engineering students in building their own profile and promote the development of a future-oriented self-image as a central mindset of the engineer of the future.

  Digital learning demonstrated by an iPad Copyright: © Mario Irrmischer

RWTH offers a competence-, research- and practice-oriented education with a long tradition of integrating students into innovative research at an early stage through research modules and as research assistants.
It offers a balanced mixture of conventional teaching methods and effective and new digital formats.

In this context, Stifterverband awards the Genius Loci Prize for the first time, honoring the University's comprehensive teaching strategy. RWTH Aachen University received the price for Excellence in teaching, a newly established price from Stifterverband, the Donors' Association for the Promotion of the Humanities and Sciences in Germany.

Digitization is firmly anchored in the teaching strategy. The Digitization Strategy enables the RWTH to develop innovative, effective and targeted formats, thus optimally developing and promoting the skills of students. Students have the opportunity to acquire new abilities outside of regular teaching. This method enables teaching to be more flexible, individual and internationally attractive.