Research School


The Research School within the IoP focusses the systematic support and development of researchers at different scientific stages (Bachelor and Master Students, Doctoral Students & Postdoctoral Researchers) and disciplines. The Research School implements a super ordinated framework with focus on both a systematic personnel development (individual career steps) as well as a systematic training programme that fosters the implementation of new topics, dynamics, and gives  space for creativity and innovation.

The interdisciplinary exchange is supported by cross-domain method trainings and micro-trainings, which foster the placement of cluster relevant topics for an interdisciplinary learning environment. The Research School offers also space for agile work, thus there is  room for a need-driven implementation of new approaches and measures.

Contact to the IoP Researchschool:

Project Members:

  • Dr. Philipp Brauner
  • Katharina Schäfer
  • Johanna Werz
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Mertens
  • Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle