Aachen ERP days 2020 postponed!


Aachener ERP days 2020

Due to the current situation, the Aachen ERP Days 2020 will take place differently than planned. Two events will be offered in which the contents will be discussed in a diversified format.

    Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 9:30am

      Copyright: FIR RWTH Aachen

    Process follows IT?

    In line with the motto "Process follows IT?", we would like to raise the question with you during the Aachen ERP Days 2020 whether systems should continue to be individualized in the future or whether they should increasingly be set up according to the existing standard processes. As managing director, plant, production or IT manager, you will also learn how to design your systems to be stable and robust, how to optimize your processes, how to formulate requirements and how to find suitable IT solutions.

      Copyright: FIR

    FIR Theme Day "Supply Chain Management" (20.10.2020)

    Value networks in turbulent times

    Companies are nowadays part of complex value-added networks with many participants, in which production and logistics mesh well. At the same time, we are moving at a speed at which every element of the supply chain has to perform at all times. The dependence of one's own company on other players in the chain is greater than ever. The FIR Theme Day will show what is important in the design of sustainable value-added networks and how you, as part of it, can actively determine the direction.

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    CDO Aachen 2020 "Convention on Digital Opportunities" (12.11. - 13.11.2020)​
    Digital Architecture Management

    Under the motto "Systematically to success", CDO Aachen 2020 shows how companies can align their strategy, processes and infrastructure using a digital architecture. This involves both the introduction of operational application systems for order processing and the regulation of roles and committees in a digital governance. The following questions will be discussed during the event:

    • Strategy & Organization: Which organizational, strategic and cultural aspects are influenced by Digital Architecture Management?
    • Processes & Systems: How can the processes in a company be improved sustainably - in terms of a long-term digitalization benefit?
    • Infrastructure & Technology: How does the development of a digital architecture support you in implementing suitable (IoT) platforms in your company, in using artificial intelligence in a targeted manner and in relying on the appropriate technologies?


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