Visiting the K in Düsseldorf


The world's largest international plastics trade fair opened its doors

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Almost 218.000 professional visitors from more than 140 countries took up the invitation of the K trade fair in Düsseldorf, dated October 16 to 23, 2013, with high expectations.
The world’s largest exhibition in plastics and rubber industry turned out as a promising platform for completely new technologies and materials as well as for new innovations and their development in this sector. In this sense, solutions for resource conservation and energy efficiency which produce economic and environmentally sustainable stand out.

Stephan Eilbracht, personnel of the Cluster of Excellence in the area of multi-technology products at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), made his way to Düsseldorf.
He was on-site as an exhibitor as part of the Science Campus, a pilot project of the trade fair to offer their visitors a communication platform between economy and science in the most efficient way on a central area. One of many key issues was the area of surface engineering. Prof. Hopmann and the IKV presented the variothermal extrusion compression process to the specialists – how it was developed and investigated by the Cluster of Excellence. The goal of the process is to produce functional plastic films (e.g. for displays) in a continuous run.

Stephan Eilbracht thoroughly agrees with the general positive tone: “The appointments, especially with our international visitors but also with many interested professional visitors, resulted into intensive and, from a technological point of view, very detailed discussions.” Whether this ends in a future concrete cooperation remains to be seen. Even so the level of interest in the presented technology and the work of the Cluster of Excellence is high.


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