Plenary Assembly

Patricipants of the conference are listening to a presentation © Cluster of Excellence Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries

Employees of the Cluster of Excellence gathered for their half-yearly plenary meeting on September 19, 2014.

Prof. C. Brecher (WZL), speaker of the Cluster of Excellence, described the research achievements of the interdisciplinary collaborations and looked forward with optimism related to the sustainability of the structures created.The Cluster of Excellence has laid the foundation for top-level research in integrative production technology. An important aim for the coming year will be to ensure sustainability of the interdisciplinary collaborations, said Brecher.
Denis Özdemir, the new managing director of the Cluster of Excellence since July 2014, gave an overview on the status of projects and key facts regarding the Cluster of Excellence.

At the heart of the event were three talks:
Prof. A. Kampker of the newly created chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) demonstrated the successful story of Aachen’s “Street scooter” and its close links to the research area of virtual production systems within the Cluster of Excellence. “Street scooter is a great example to put the projects of the Cluster into practice”, said Özdemir.
Prof. W. Bleck of the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy of RWTH Aachen, outlined the material and process design for new steels with high strength and formability. Bleck showed how fundamental research at the nano-scale can contribute to significantly expedite the development of these steels.
Furthermore, Prof. A. Bührig-Polaczek of the Foundry Institute presented new challenges for foundry research based on lightweight components of hybrid compound casting. These hybrid structural components are focused by the automotive industry as lightweight materials.

Highlight of the plenary meeting was the contribution of the finalists of this year’s “Young Researcher Award” which will be awarded within the forthcoming SAB in November. The prize is awarded to outstanding research results and pays tribute to the integrative cooperation between researchers who achieve some remarkable results.