Industrial Advisory Board IAB2015

IAB Members Copyright: © Image: Patrick Randriamanapisoa  

The Industry Advisory Board of the Cluster of Excellence met on February 25, 2015 to the annual conference

IAB Members Copyright: © Image: Patrick Randriamanapisoa

The annual meeting of the Aachen scientists with more than 30 well-known participating industry partners of the Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries” were focused on the joint creation of sustainable and application-oriented solutions for production technology , not only for Europe but also specifically for and in Aachen. “That’s why we are asked - to provide common measures how we might move on”, gave Professor Christian Brecher the major content impetus to this year’s Industrial Advisory Board of the Cluster of Excellence. “We still have 2 ½ years ahead of us, so we have to ask ourselves what we can achieve in common. We hope to discuss the latest challenges and developments with you and to receive feedback”, added Brecher. Professor Bleck’s (Department of Ferrous Metallurgy IEHK of RWTH Aachen) talk on the topic “From the microstructure to nanostructure – material and process design for new steels” provided i.a. this year’s thematic focus.

  Guided Tour Copyright: © Image: Patrick Randriamanapisoa

A highlight of the research area certainly was the “demonstrator tour” of selected demonstrators on the spot. Beside the Selective Laser Melting (SLM), the Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen and the Smart Automation Lab, the injection molding process was presented to the industry representatives. The program was supplemented with the presentation of Business Case studies from the additive manufacturing and the spin-off company KEX AG. The aspect of stabilization is becoming more and more important for the Cluster of Excellence, because the answer to the question what the future of the Aachen production technology within the Cluster of Excellence could be like is getting closer. A new cooperation format of the European Institute of Technology (EIT) provides one possibility for the knowledge transfer from the Cluster of Excellence. Professor Fritz Klocke (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen) presented in a talk entitled “Knowledge and Innovation Community for Added-Value Manufacturing (KIC AVM)” possible objectives and formats. In addition to that Professor Malte Brettel (Vice-Rector for Industry and Business Relations) explained in his talk “KIC Engagement of RWTH Aachen” the opportunities for start-ups in a KIC.