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PROTECA cooperates with enterprise networks and regional associations to encourage the direct exchange between research and industry. Within network events and workshops, technological questions are discussed, demand for further research is identified and project cooperations are initialized.

Co-operation partners Short Description

The ProduktionNRW cluster sees itself as a platform for networking, informing and marketing companies, institutions and networks among themselves and along the value chain. The central goal is to strengthen mechanical engineering and production technology in NRW.


The Aachener Industrie-Dialog is a cooperation of manufacturing companies with local production in and around Aachen and Heinsberg. The initiative is supported by the city of Aachen, Aachen city region and the VUV association. The aim of the Aachener Industrie-Dialog is to ensure competitiveness and sustainability and to push forward innovations within the regional industry.


The IHK Aachen represents interests of regional firms toward the municipality, the city and the federal state government. There is a wide range of functions associated with the IHK, for example the secured supply of workforce, further education and off-the-job training, the implementation of campaigns and public relations activities, and the exchange between companies, research, politics and administration.


The Department of Business Development of the City of Aachen offers tools and services to make the reestablishment or new foundation of companies more easily. Therefore individual consultancy is provided, different offers are bundled and pragmatic and quick solutions are sought. The aim is to establish an attractive corporate landscape in Aachen.

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The Städteregion Aachen tries to create a high grade and future oriented living space to be competitive in comparison to other European regions. Therefore the potency of Aachen and surrounding municipality is combined to push forward the region and to ensure economic progress and growth.


The Vereinigten Unternehmerverbände voluntary association of entrepreneurs from Aachen, Heinsberg and surrounding regions. It represents the regional economy and supports their members in political, juridical or social issues. Furthermore, the VUV encourages the development and exchange of the corporate landscape in Aachen.