Cluster Research in South Africa at CPSL 2020


As one of the last major conferences that still took place physically in the context of the current pandemic, the Conference on Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL 2020) brought together researchers from the field of production systems in Stellenbosch, South Africa. From February 17-20, the newly founded conference enabled scientific exchange on digitization, Industry 4.0, machine learning and data mining, supply chain management, production planning and control, and knowledge management. Researchers from the Cluster of Excellence also took part in this opportunity.

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Katharina Thomas from the RWTH Machine Tool Laboratory, as well as other colleagues from the WZL and FIR took part in the event and had the opportunity to present their research. The aim of the newly founded conference is to create an international exchange at the highest level and to convince with a clear thematic focus. Katharina Thomas presented her research on supply chain management and knowledge management under the title: "Data-based identification of knowledge transfer needs in global production networks" and particularly emphasized the possibility of receiving productive feedback and new research incentives due to the clear focus of the conference received as a benefit of the conference. However, due to the onset of the pandemic, the conference participants had to leave early.

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Stellenbosch, about 50 kilometers from Cape Town, not only offers the opportunity for scientific exchange, but also has tourist highlights in store, including a city center in the Cape Dutch style and extensive oak avenues, which gave the city the nickname "Eikestadt". In addition, the city of 20,000 is home to one of the leading educational institutions in the republic. Stellenbosch University. The next CPSL will take place in Vancouver, Canada in 2021.