Opening of the Digital Photonics Production Research Campus

  Key © Fraunhofer IPT, Rainer Neumeyer

To guarantee the transfer of the research results to our industrial partners, the new BMBF research campus Digital Photonic Production (DPP) was launched in January 2015. This research campus on the RWTH Aachen University campus features a signaling effect demonstrating a new way of conjoint research activities between industry and research facilities under one roof. The main objective of the research campus is the investigation and further development of photonic technologies. The further development of the SLM process is focused in the subproject “Direct” within the research campus. Moreover, a Design Center for Additive Manufacturing (DCAM) was founded early this year to strengthen the research activities in this field. Various services such as design workshops or the redesign of parts will be offered to industrial partners to ensure a successful application of the SLM process in industry.

Über diesen Link gelangen Sie zu der offiziellen Pressemeldung zur Eröffnung des BMBF-Forschungscampus Digital Photonic Production (only german).