26.04.2016 - Varel: The Future of Additive Manufacturing

  Terry Wohlers

On April 26, 2016, Excellence Cluster Associate Ruth Jiang of the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management presented her recent research results at the event “The Future of Additive Manufacturing” in Varel in Lower Saxony. The event was designed to foster exchange on the topic 3D printing for industrial applications between industry leaders and academic specialists and was hosted by Airbus. In addition, the Wohlers Report 2016 was first introduced by Terry Wohlers (Wohlers Associates). Terry Wohlers is the principal author of the prestigious report, in which the global and future trends of additive manufacturing and 3D printing are introduced. Afterwards, Peter Sanders (Airbus Emerging Technologies and Concepts) illustrated the activities of Airbus in the field of additive manufacturing in a presentation. In the course of the event the future of additive manufacturing up to 2025 was discussed. For this discussion Ruth Jiang was invited to give a talk on the results of her current Cluster of Excellence study, titled "The Future of Additive Manufacturing: A Delphi Study Predicting Trends and Developments for 2030", in which the economic, social and political influences of the technology were examined. Besides the possibility to get to know Terry Wohlers personally, Jiang considered the opportunity to present her research study and a section of the Cluster of Excellence research to an expert audience from business and science and start up conversations with them as especially enriching.