Lecture Series of the Excellence Initiative


This summer semester the Citizens' Forum "RWTHextern" together with the AixIni team of RWTH Aachen offered a lecture series on the topics of the Excellence Initiative at RWTH Aachen University. Over the summer, various Excellence-institutions offered talks on medical technology, computer-aided sciences or clean combustion engines. Of course, the Cluster of Excellence Production Technology participated in the "Excellence Program". On July 13, 2016, managing director Dr. Denis Özdemir presented an overview of the Cluster of Excellence research and an outlook on the main theme "Industrie 4.0" under the title "From bits to chip – production digitally networked".

In 2015, German economy exported more than ever before. The majority was allocated to products of the manufacturing industry, classically labeled as "Made in Germany". Is it possible to keep this important economic factor stable and sustainable in the future global competition? Numerous interested citizens and students accepted the invitation and used the opportunity for lively discussions on possible answers to these questions. Dr. Özdemir outlined exemplary solutions and trends. One potential for the production of tomorrow is, among other things, an integration of the numerous possibilities of digitalization with the strengths of classical production technology. For instance, more software can be integrated in products and factories to link them consistently and thus to use information and communication technology profitably. In this context, questions on the topic of data volumes and data security were asked. "There are no patent solutions just yet, but right now it is important for countries with a strong production such as Germany, to combine engineering expertise and IT skills even more", summarized Özdemir. An important prerequisite, however, is that urgent legal regulations and conditions for the use of data have to be created.