Homeoffice instead of Athens: 8th CATS-Conference united Assembly Technology and Computer Science


The 8th CIRP Conference on Assembly Technologies and Systems (CATS) took place online in 2020. Instead of being held in Athens, Greece as originally planned, the conference offered researchers from all over the world the chance to exchange ideas and present their topics in a purely digital format as an interaction platform. Daniel Buschmann from the Chair for Production Metrology and Quality Management at the WZL was present behind the computer and was able to add exciting IoP content with his lecture and tell us how he felt about the digital event on September 29 and October 1. His topic “Potentials of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons for order tracing in single and small batch production” combines the elements of effective production technology and the IT components of the Internet of Production.

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Hello Daniel, how can you briefly break down your presentation topic and what is its relevance for the scientific community?

The quality of production planning and control in production companies depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the database on the status quo of the production process and the time required for each production step. Especially in single and small series production, it is difficult to create a reliable database due to the large product range and the variation in the production process. Therefore, in this thesis the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons is investigated to create an inexpensive real-time location system (RTLS) using neural networks. Compared to other existing solutions, BLE is characterized by very low hardware costs and high compatibility with almost every mobile device.

And how is your research topic embedded in the IoP complex?

By using RTLS, live data can be collected about the status quo of production and thus create a database to enable analysis and evaluation of production.

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What impressions did you personally take with you from the conference, now that the pandemic calls for digital concepts where physical presence was previously normal?

It is very difficult to digitally map a "normal" conference. Each participant uploaded a video of the presentation in advance and presented the highlights in a shorter live session (go to meeting) I think the best was made of it with the usual means, but the participation of the participants is much more limited and it finds often there is no real exchange and no networking. One advantage, however, is that the contributions are available as a video and you have the opportunity to watch 24/7 all the interesting lectures that run in parallel or take place at an inconvenient time. The implementation was well implemented with the possible means, but cannot really replace a real conference.

What aspect of physical conferences do you miss the most?

The direct exchange, discussion and getting to know other participants and speakers. The "room change" is also missing, because you are sitting in your everyday work environment, it is sometimes difficult to fully engage in the conference.

Thank you and good luck, Daniel Buschmann.