Young Researcher/Student Award 2016


Impressive Examples of Successful Cooperation in the Cluster of Excellence honored by “Young Researcher Award 2016“

YRA Copyright: © Kurt Beyer   YSA Copyright: © Cluster of Excellence Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries

Philipp Ochotta (IKV) und Xifang Liao (IOT) recieved the award as winners of the second prize with their contribution on “In-Mold-Metal-Spraying (IMMS)“ while Dr. Toufik Al Khawli (NLD), Sascha Gebhardt (VR), Urs Eppelt (ILT) and Torsten Hermanns (NLD) achieved third place with their contribution on “Meta-Models for Visualization of Production Systems“. This year, master students who submitted particulraly outstanding master theses were rewarded with the Young Student Award for the first time. Marvin Laugwitz was able to win the prize with his thesis on “Process Acceleration and Functional Extension by Form-Fit Joining of Incremental Hole Flanging Operations“ and was followed by Matthias Kraft (2nd place) and Dennis Grunert (3rd place).