Perspektiven des Software Engineering


Keynote on Software Engineering Perspectives

Our Deputy CEO Professor Matthias Jarke, together with CRD-Deputy-Coordinator "Infrastructure" Dr. István Koren, delivered the keynote address at the Software Engineering in Cyber-Physical Production Systems workshop on February 22, 2021. The presentation, entitled "Synthesizing Software Engineering Perspectives on Cyber Physical Production Systems: The Case of the Internet of Production", was well attended by over sixty people, and highlighted the software engineering aspects in the Cluster of Excellence from various perspectives. These include, among others, the conceptual model-based foundations of Digital Shadows, as well as the innovative extension of common software development and operation lifecycles to include participatory elements. The highlights from the cluster presented in the keynote served as inspiration and foundation for further technical discussions at the event.

The workshop took place online as part of the Software Engineering 2021 conference of the Software Engineering Department of the Gesellschaft für Informatik at the end of February. The conference is aimed at software developers from practice as well as researchers from academia.