Aachener Gießerei-Kolloquium 2017

  Professor Bührig-Polaczek Copyright: © Foundry Institute Aachen

The 43rd Aachener Gießereikolloquium was held in Aachen under the motto “Casting tools in the limelight of casting production” from March 16 to 17, 2017. Also in this year, current developments in the foundry industry and their practical implementation were examined - with the aim of drawing a line from procurement and production to the handling and use of the tools. According to tradition, institute leader and CoE-Professor Andreas Bührig-Polaczek opened the event in the lecture hall of the foundry institute. Among other things, the lecture program focused on the topic Industrie 4.0 and discussed the resulting opportunities for the foundry industry. Professor Bührig-Polaczek's talk on “Examples of future innovative topics in pressure and gravity die-casting” dealt with the long-standing research in the field of production of hybrid components in the die-casting process involving the materials steel, aluminum and magnesium as well as plastics. In this context, Professor Bührig-Polaczek reported on the research activities of the CoE-research area Mold-based Production Systems and Multi-Component die-casting, which met with keen interest by experts from research and industry during the discussion.