Mathematics Meets Production - Cluster Scientists at Coupled Problems 2021


This year, the 9th version of the International Conference on Computational Methods for Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering, or Coupled Problems 2021, was held online, as most scientific conferences are at the moment. From June 13-16, scientists from different countries met to engage in exchanges on mathematical models, numerical methods, and current state-of-the-art techniques. The conference strives to find multidisciplinary solutions to real-life research and engineering challenges using mathematically based techniques. Christian Idzik, research associate at the Institute of Metal Forming, attended the meet-up virtually from his office and described his impressions.



Christian Idzik

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What impressions did you personally take away from the conference?

Coupled Problems 2021 was my first online conference and in fact I missed the "conference feeling" as there was very little interaction. The contributions were of high quality and mostly very interesting. I was of course able to take away some technical input, but otherwise the networking opportunities were very limited due to the mode and lack of face to face contact.

What did your presentation deal with?

It dealt with automatic process design and optimization for the process of hot rolling using a rolling model and reinforcement learning. This involves the direct coupling of machine learning methods with a process model. This is a relatively new concept, otherwise recorded data are typically used.The project belongs to Workstream B2.III "Continuous Production" and the aim is to optimize the (hot)rolling process.

How do you evaluate the implementation of such an online format in Corona times and what do you miss in particular?

There were some minor technical problems on the part of the organizers, but otherwise the conference was well structured. I found it very positive that all presentations were recorded and could be viewed later.The exchange among each other, especially between the lectures, was of course missing. Feedback from the audience is also an important conference aspect when giving presentations, which is limited in this mode of operation.