31st CIRP Design Conference from Home


On May 19-21, 2021 a virtual version of the 31st CIRP Design Conference took place at the University of Twente. Maximilian Meißner is a research associate in Systems Engineering - Modelling and Simulation at the Chair and Institute of Machine Elements and Systems Engineering (MSE) and participated from home. His presentation "Model based system engineering as enabler for rapid engineering change management" ties in with cluster topics and shows an approach "using model-based system engineering and a system model modeled in SysML to link domain-specific models to each other and to requirements in such a way that changes in the development process can be evaluated and implemented efficiently and even partially automated." Meißner experienced the conference as interesting and equipped with versatile topic blocks. Main topics included the Digital Shadow, Additive Manufacturing and Collaborative Manufacturing Design. Maximilian Meißner described some of his impressions:



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  Portrait Copyright: © Source: Maximilian Meißner

How is your research topic embedded in the IoP complex?

Within the Engineering hub in CRD.C1, my research supports the implementation of efficient change management and thus promotes research on agile product development.

How do you evaluate the implementation of such an online format in Corona times?

Basically, the conference was well organized. In my opinion, the division of the sessions into three directly consecutive presentations followed by a joint question and answer session was not as successful and meaningful. Due to the fact that it was conducted as a digital conference, there was unfortunately no real conference feeling and the participation was not as great as in an offline conference. The emergence of spontaneous conversations and contacts is most lacking at digital conferences.