CIRP CMS Conference 2018 in Stockholm

  Frederick Sauermann Copyright: © WZL

Frederick Sauermann from the WZL, project manager in the area Cross Sectional Processes of the Cluster of Excellence, visited this year's 51st CIRP CMS Conference on Manufacturing System from 16 to 18 May. The annual conference dealt with smart manufacturing this year and offered a forum for participants from industry and research to exchange theories, methods and applications on this topic. The conference in Stockholm was divided into the CIRP CMS Conference and the Swedish Production Symposium (SPS), which focused on sustainable production.

At the CIRP CMS, which we visit annually, attendees could inform themselves through papers and scientific lectures on three days about the latest state of science on production engineering issues. In his contribution „Determination of order specific transition times for improving the adherence to delivery dates by using data mining algorithms“ Sauermann pursues the goal of using machine learning methods to better predict transition times, the time between two work processes in production, to increase the profitability of production processes. A task, which originated from the research on the Theory of production of the Cluster of Excellence and already contains aspects of the research on the requested cluster of excellence "Internet of Production".

As a special highlight, the closing dinner of the three-day conference took place in Stockholm City Hall. A place where otherwise freshly elected Nobel laureates dine and which was accordingly festively decorated: If that is not a good sign.