20th Congress International Ergonomics Association 2018

  Philipp Brauner © private

Cluster-scientist Dr. Philipp Brauner from the chair of Communication Science visited the 20th congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) 2018 from August 25 to 31 in Florence, Italy. The congress provided a global and multidisciplinary forum for the exchange within the community for more than 1600 participants from over 70 countries. The wide-ranging congress dealt with more than 32 different topics around ergonomics and the future world of work.

  Philipp Brauner © private

In his article “lnteracting with Risk and Uncertainty in Cyber-Physical Production Systems“, which has emerged within the scope of the excellence cluster research in the fields of Scientific Cooperation Engineering and Cognition-enhanced, Self-optimizing Production Networks Brauner deals with the topics “Uncertainty” and “Risk” in the context of cyber-physical production systems and their influence and possible cognitive distortions on decision quality in cooperation between companies. The goal is the development of decision support systems in production which are adjusted to the employees on the one hand and on the other hand an understanding of the human decision-making process in dealing with complex data. A topic that will also be explored from January 2019 in the new cluster “Internet of production” in order to prepare the digital shadow of a networked production in a user-friendly manner and thereby be able to regulate production processes more efficiently, safely and reliably in the future.

  Philipp Brauner and colleagues © private

The versatile topics of the congress offered the cluster researchers the opportunity to take a look beyond the limits of production technology. Visually enthusiastic Philipp Brauner tells: “The congress provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between automation in production technology and, for example, medicine and its impact on working life with top-class experts!" Beyond the many exciting contents, the congress also impressed visitors through the picturesque city of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.