Guest Researcher Dong-Hyeon Kim from Seoul National University Korea visits Our Cluster


Guest Researcher Dong-Hyeon Kim from Seoul National University in Korea spent his exchange at the Cluster of Excellence as a representative of a newly founded German-Korean cooperation project „Korea-Germany Collaborative Research for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing“. Dr. Kim studied mechanical engineering related to production engineering and received a Ph.D. degree in that field at Changwon National University and has been employed as a postdoctoral fellow at SNU' Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 2016.

  Researcher at his desk Copyright: © Image: Dong-Hyeon Kim

Nice to meet you, Mr. Kim. To start with the scientific background of your stay here in Aachen, would you be so kind as to tell us about the research project you are currently representing?

Our project, „Korea-Germany Collaborative Research for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing“ is a research cooperation between SNU and RWTH which seeks to invest both German and Korean research resources into a joint exploration of future technologies. We aim to strengthen the connection between our two countries and address our strengths as well as the research areas that need to be improved so that both countries can profit of each others technology-related knowledge and build a strong international network.

The purpose of this joint project is to establish Korea-Germany global cooperative system for intelligent manufacturing systems. The project is still in its beginning phase and I have come to Germany as a first representative.

Would you tell us about your decision to come to Aachen as the first research representative of the project?

My professor, Sung-Hoon Ahn is the PI of this project. Working at his laboratory, I was chosen to become an advocate for our joint research project and came to Aachen as the first exchange program member. I see it as my objective to further our joint research concerning the use of Indusrtie 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing related technology.

The project is in the beginning stages. I will find a way to study joint research during my stay here. The results of joint research through our collaborative project are expected to become more helpful and beneficial for each other.

  Researchers in a meeting Copyright: © Image: Dong-Hyeon Kim

Have you been to Germany before and are you liking it so far? How long will you be staying with us?

I arrived here in Aachen on November 15 and will be staying for a month. I have been to Frankfurt and Munich before to attend conferences and I think Aachen is a very beautiful small city and the people are friendly.

What is the biggest difference between your work environment at home and here in Aachen? Is the University Infrastructure different?

I think it is a bit similar in a broad perspective. However, there is some difference between the two environments. In Germany, the research direction of the university is actually quite close to the industry. That is very significant in my research field.

And, one of the most delightful thing is work life balance. Researchers are very hard at work, and then get off work early. People can have more their own time after work everyday.

  Researcher in front of machine tool Copyright: © Bild: Dong-Hyeon Kim

What do you like most about Aachen and Germany in general?

Above all things, it is an excellent research infrastructure. And, German foods are so delicious to me.

Any last words?

Sadly, my stay is very short. Nearing the end of my stay, I feel very fine now and think this cooperation is a great way to join forces with overseas universities to strengthen our research.

Thank you very much, Dong-Hyeon Kim, for your time. We wish you all the best for your future!