1st MoPro Workshop 2022 Hamburg - Modeling in (and for) Production


The production domain is permeated by heterogeneous data sources, a variety of IT systems, and complex industrial use cases - aspects that offer a very exciting field for research. Modern production systems have a large number of sensors for monitoring industrial plants which help to gain an insight into a system’s state. Sensors over time create data sets, that may be very detailed, need to be preprocessed such as time reduced, quantitatively, and qualitatively reduced, e.g., black and white instead of colored pictures, and enriched with metadata.

The MoPro workshop provided a platform for researchers and practitioners in the field of manufacturing to share their modeling techniques, interesting use cases and challenges, and was organized by Cluster Scientists István Koren (Deputy Coordinator of Cluster Research Domain A - Infrastructure) and Judith Michael (Deputy Coordinator of Workstream A.II - Conceptual Foundations of Digital Shadows)

The workshop took place for the first time as a part of the Modellierung'22 conference in Hamburg, Germany.
Further Information: 1st MoPro Workshop