Young Researcher Award 2022 presented at the Scientific Advisory Board Meeting of the IoP

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  SBA Copyright: © Kurt Beyer The Scientific Board of the IoP and its Scientific Advisory Board 2022

This year's Scientific Advisory Board Meeting of the Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production took place in Aachen on September 14 and 15, 2022. In addition to an Industry Advisory Board (IAB), the IoP also has a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to provide external advice on the continuous scientific quality of the cluster. Every two years, the renowned members of the internationally staffed SAB meet for their two-day expert meeting in Aachen.

  Copyright: © Kurt Beyer f.l. Prof. Mertens, the two winners of this year's Young Researcher Award 2022: Yannik Lockner and Jan Pennekamp, as well as Prof. Kappel and Prof. Brecher

With the presentation of the Young Researcher Award, the SAB evaluated and honored outstanding, interdisciplinary contributions in the context of Cluster of Excellence research. SAB member Prof. Gerti Kappel from TU Wien, together with cluster spokesperson Prof. Christian Brecher and Prof. Alexander Mertens from the cluster's Research School, presented the award to the three winning teams. "It was very close, all three contributions were inspiring and you can all see yourselves as winners here with what you have achieved," Prof. Kappel announced the jury's voting. With Jan Pennekamp (COMSYS) and Yannik Lockner (IKV), the research team on the topic of "Secure Exchange of Production Parameters" prevailed over the second-place team of Minh Trinh (WZL), Ralph Baier (IAW), Hannah Dammers (ITA) and Mohamed Behery (KBSG) as well as the team consisting of Johannes Theissen-Lipp (DBIS) and Moritz Kröger (LLT).

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The team on the 2nd place with their contribution "Next Generation Human Robot Collaboration": f.l. Prof. Mertens, the four prize winners Hannah Dammers, Ralph Baier, Mohamed Behery and Minh Trinh, Prof. Kappel and Prof. Brecher.

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The two prize winners Johannes Theissen-Lipp and Moritz Kröger (f.l.) were pleased to receive the 3rd prize for their contribution to ""LISSU: Integrating Semantic Web Concepts into Service Oriented Architectures" in this year's YRA2022.


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