MINT-EC-Camp Prouction Technology 2022

  Group Copyright: © Anja Wassong Guided Tour of the Smart Automation Lab at the Machine Tool Laboratory

After two years in digital form, MINT students were finally able to experience a special insight into the world of production technology, specifically even around the work in the Internet of Production in which, in addition to mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, computer scientists, but also ergonomists and psychologists conduct joint research, live on site in presence from 09 to 12 November 2022.

  Welcome Copyright: © Kaya Upadek Welcome and introduction to the world of production technology by IoP Managing Director Melanie Padberg.

The students, who had come to Aachen from all over Germany, from Munich, Gelsenkirchen, but also directly from Aachen-Burtscheid, had a lot of fun at the numerous experimental workshops offered by the various institutes. After the official welcome by Cluster Managing Director Melanie Padberg, who offered a comprehensive overview of the exciting variety of topics, opportunities and challenges of studying engineering and also her personal career, the camp started with the topic of "industrial robotics" and working with collaborative robots, the so-called cobots.

  Guided Tour (Smart Automation Lab) Copyright: © Anja Wassong

Cluster scientist Minh Trinh from the Chair of Machine Tools, with the support of her working student Ariane Chu, offered not only real lecture material, but also a comprehensive insight into the world of cobots. During the guided tour through the Smart Automation Lab, there was a lot of interesting information about the robots and technical equipment on site, but also about the possibilities to be involved in the numerous research and industrial projects already as a student. Of course, it was not only possible to have a look around the machine halls, but also to actively try things out and even challenge each other in a "robot pose challenge".

  Age simulation suit Copyright: © Anja Wassong Even simple activities such as walking stairs become a real challenge with the age simulation suit

After pure technology, the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IAW) was allowed to open their eyes to the human factor in production on Thursday. With Professor Alexander Mertens and Ralph Baier, the students worked on aspects of human-robot collaboration, ergonomics in the workplace, developed user-optimized robot controls in a workshop, and also dealt with the topic of age and the associated limitations and how it might feel to be about 30 years older. And it turned out impressively: writing with a slight tremor in the hand (tremor simulation) or climbing stairs with weights all over the body and slightly stiff knees are challenges that, of course, cannot be met overnight, but should, in perspective, sharpen one's sense a little for the fact that with increasing age, everyday activities certainly become more challenging the older one gets.

After mind and body were challenged, a first realistic insight into the Mensa world could not be missing in the program. A full Mensa Vita, offering everything from light salads to hearty home cooking - here, too, a first relaxed approach was possible, as well as informal exchanges with students. The only problem: the BlueCard, which students need in the cashless cafeteria in order to supplement the sponsored lunch with a delicious waffle or a cappuccino to their heart's content, was of course (still) missing.

  Demofabrik Copyright: © Anja Wassong Guided Tour at the Demofabrik with Martin Perau (FIR)

The tour continued with scientist Martin Perau from the FIR, who gave a guided tour of the Aachen Demonstration Factory and an introduction to the consideration of IT systems in production and logistics processes. In a 2-hour business game, four teams were allowed to demonstrate their skills as consultants and develop contemporary IT system landscapes for various small and medium-sized enterprises from different industries.

  Guided tour new machine hall Copyright: © Anja Wassong Unique infrastructure and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to control the fascinating robot dog yourself in the impressive new hall at the WZL

Before the group went on a campus tour on Friday, and got lots of information about "Studying at RWTH" in general, they visited in the evening the great offer of the "5vor12-RWTH-Science Night" across the city center, they were allowed to visit two more highlights on the Melaten campus. PhD student Anna-Lena Knott from the Chair of Metrology and Quality Management, with the support of Fatih Kaya and Presley Demuner Rerverdito, not only led the group through the new machine hall of the WZL, where the group had the opportunity to directly interview students and scientists on site and to discover the machine park and the variety of robots, but with an introduction to ultrasonic measurement technology, another aspect of the huge range of topics in production technology could be learned experimentally.

  Presentations Copyright: © Anja Wassong

After a rather short sleep break due to the science night, it was time to say goodbye on Saturday morning - of course not without reviewing the findings of the week in group presentations. Four small groups had 10 minutes each to show their presentations on the main topics to the others. Great week, great results - and for all of them it was clear in the final plenary session: We all want to meet again soon! Whether at the upcoming studies (at best in Aachen, of course) or maybe it will work out before:
Thanks to Doodle, it will be a visit to the Aachen Christmas market - so here's to seeing you again soon in Aachen and good luck to all participants with their Abitur and the right choice of study!


Impressions MINT-EC-Camp Production Technology 2022